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Graduation Information/Application

Graduation Application

Graduation Information:

When to Apply:

Graduation candidates should apply for graduation no later than the 30th day of the semester in which they will graduate. Graduation awards will be granted at the end of the fall, and spring semesters, and summer sessions. For example if classes start January 8th, the graduation application time frame is the 30 days after January 8th, if you are planning to graduate in the spring. Applications that are received after a term has concluded will be processed for the subsequent term - degree notations will not be back-dated to a term that has ended.

Eligibility for Graduation

Students are eligible for graduation when they have successfully fulfilled the program requirements for a certificate, diploma or associate degree.

Graduation GPA Requirements

To graduate from the Hibbing Community College the student must meet the graduation requirements in effect at the time of the first enrollment. If the graduation requirements for that program of studies have changed subsequent to the time of that first enrollment, the student may elect to graduate under the new criteria. However, when the student leaves HCC for four or more consecutive terms, the student must meet the graduation requirements in place at the term of re-enrollment. All degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded by Hibbing Community College require a minimum grade point average of 2.00.

Graduation with Honors

Students will graduate with honors if the grade point average is:


High Honors

Very High Honors

3.250 - 3.499

3.500 - 3.749

3.750 - 4.000

Steps to Graduation

  1. Log on to e-Services and Print your DARS (Degree Audit Report). If any of the requirements of your DARS say, please schedule a meeting with your advisor/counselor.
  2. Complete Loan Exit Counseling if you received a Direct Student Loan.
  3. Complete the Graduation Application - A separate application must be completed for each degree, diploma or certificate you are requesting.
  4. Complete the Graduate Follow-Up Survey within 12 months of graduation and return to Student Services. When you return the survey, you will receive one FREE official transcript.

All accounts must be paid in full before your diploma, certificate or degree will be awarded. Allow six weeks following the end of semester for graduation requirements to be verified. Allow eight weeks for diplomas to arrive.

Information regarding Commencement will be available around April 1st. Check back here for updates.