Hibbing Community College Policies

The following list of policies can be found in the Student Handbook:

  • Academic Forgiveness Policy
  • Accidents
  • Attendance Policy
  • Class Absences
  • Code of Conduct
  • Credit for Prior Learning
  • Discrimination/Harassment (Minnesota State 1B.1.1)
  • Drug Free Workplace and School Policy
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information
  • Grading on Attendance
  • Grading System Policy
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Non-Attendance
  • Non-Discrimination in Employment and Education Opportunity Policy (Minnesota State 1B.1)
  • Refunds for Complete Withdrawal
  • Safety Requirements
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Sexual Violence Policy (Minnesota State 1B.3)
    • Sexual Violence Procedures (Minnesota State 1B.3.1)
  • State-Residency Requirements
  • Student Records Policy and Procedures
  • Transfer of Credit Policy
  • Tuition Payment
  • Using HCC E-mail as Official Means of Communication
  • Video and Audio Recordings of Classroom Lectures

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