Perkins Funding Request

Perkins Guidelines:

Before you ask for Perkins funding, be sure that the college will not pay for the item and that your department budget does not include funds for the item. Also, remember that Perkins supports TECHNICAL education only.

Perkins will fund expenditures that fall under these goal areas:

  • High School to College Transition: recruitment, technical program improvement, faculty development, technical skill attainment, importance of academic skills for technical students, career programs, programs of study with high schools.
  • Collaboration with area businesses, high schools
  • Employer, Community, and Education Partnerships: student experience in the industry, work-based student experiences, identification of high skill/wage/demand occupations in local area, Advisory Committee work
  • Service to Special Populations of Students: nontraditional students, disabled, academically disadvantaged, minority, Academic Center


  • Complete form and attach related information that will help the committee make their decision.
  • Please check for the lowest possible pricing.