Placement Testing

Hibbing Community College
New Student Assessment - (Placement Testing)

What is the Accuplacer Placement test?
The Accuplacer placement test is an assessment in Reading Comprehension and Mathematics that Hibbing Community College uses to determine how your skill levels meet course prerequisites to ensure your success in college.

You may wish to prepare for placement tests by reviewing the following sample questions and study materials:

Accuplacer Introduction and Sample Questions:

Who must take the test?

All new students are required to complete new student assessment testing if they are registering for seven or more credits collectively… or may be exempt if you meet criteria below.

Could I be exempt from the test?

You may be exempt from taking the Accuplacer test or can place into college level courses by the following:

Completed the Accuplacer assessment testing at another college (within the past three years for Reading and the and past two years for Math). The documentation of your scores needs to be provided to HCC by mail or fax 218-263-2992, or

  1. Successfully completed collegiate English and/or Math courses (grade of C or better) that meets the requirements for your HCC program; an official copy of your transcript needs to be provided to HCC, or
  2. Completed the ACT within the past 5 years and have a score of 18 in English to place into college level writing and a score of 21 in Reading to place into college level reading. A math score of 22 allows a student to be placed into College Algebra.However, if your math ability is higher than College Algebra, a course placement will be determined by taking the Accuplacer placement test for math. You must present an official ACT report to the college if one is not on file, or
  3. Completed the SAT in past 5 years.480 or higher on the Evidence Based Reading & Writing test places students into college level reading and writing courses.530 or higher on the math test places students into College Algebra, or
  4. Students completing MCA in past 5 years and scoring 1047 or higher in MCA reading will be considered college level reading; there is no applicable MCA score for college level writing.MCA math score of 1158 or higher places students into college algebra; 1150 or higher in liberal arts math or advanced algebra; math scores of 1148 or higher place students into statistics.

How long is the test?
The test is self paced and not timed. Please do not to rush through the test(s). Students generally complete the tests in 1-2 hours.

Can I use a calculator?
The test will provide an online calculator when needed. Hand held calculators are not permitted.

What should I bring to the test?
All testing materials will be provided by HCC.

How do I sign up for the Accuplacer test?

The Admissions Department will schedule you for the Accuplacer test(s). If you are not able to attend the session chosen for you, please contact the Admission’s Department to reschedule by calling 218-262-7207.

What if I need to take the Accuplacer test for another MinnState college?
If you are attending another college but would like to test at Hibbing, this can be done by contacting the Assessment Coordinator at the college you plan to attend. A voucher will be created for you to complete testing @ HCC.

Can I take the test(s) at a college closer to where I live if I don’t live in the area or state?
If you are a distance student who would like to test in your hometown, contact Michelle to have a voucher created:

Can I fail the test?
No. These tests assess your current skill level. The purpose of the assessment is to determine your placement in college level course work, which enables you and your advisor or counselor to make informed decisions about which courses to take at the beginning of your college career.

The assessment does not affect your admission to HCC (unless you are a PSEO applicant).

Why do I need to test?
All new entering students take the placement test to determine which courses should be taken in order to complete your program.

How do I interpret my course placement?
Reading: A student who scores 78 or higher on the Reading Comprehension test shall be placed in courses that designate college level reading skills as a prerequisite. A student who scores below 78 shall be placed in a developmental reading course… unless you meet other measures.

Math: Students will be assigned a math test based on major and ability. For placement into College Algebra, students can either take the Intermediate Algebra test and score +60 or higher or take the Elementary Algebra test with a score of +76 and also +50 in the College Level Math test. A score interpretation sheet is provided to students to show placements in other college level math courses.

How long are the results valid?
Results are valid for three years in Reading and two years in Math.

How much does it cost?
There is no cost to take the assessment test the first time.

Can I retest?
HCC allows one retest per semester (students shall not be allowed to test more than 2 retests within a 12 month period). The option of retesting should be discussed with your academic advisor if you feel your test results are not reflective of your ability. It is recommended that students review sample questions or seek tutoring services before attempting a retest. There is a $5 fee for retesting; the fee should be paid in the Business Office with the receipt being turned in at the time of scheduling a retest. Retesting is done by appointment. All retests should be completed prior to the beginning of a semester.

Disability Accommodations
Students with a documented disability should contact the HCC Disability Services Office at 218-262-6712 to seek testing accommodations.