Hibbing Community College Credit Evaluation Request

Effective Fall of 2009, if you have attended or are currently attending one or more Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State), your official transcripts can be electronically retrieved by all Minnesota State institutions, including Hibbing Community College. If you want your HCC transcript sent to another Minnesota State institution, please contact the other institution to find out what their procedure is for them to retrieve your HCC transcript.

Hibbing Community College Credit Evaluation Request
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If the transcript you are requesting is listed under a different name (e.g., a maiden name), please include it here.
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College Records: Please retrieve my records from the following Minnesota State institutions

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  • Important: Hibbing Community College and other Minnesota State institutions will not be able to electronically retrieve your Minnesota State transcript(s) if you have holds on your records [including, but not limited to unpaid balance(s)]. It is your responsibility to ensure that your records are free of holds in order to electronically retrieve your transcript(s). You must notify the HCC Records Office at transferrecords@hibbing.edu when your transcripts have been cleared for retrieval.

    Note: You must notify HCC Records/Transfer Office by e-mail at transferrecords@hibbing.edu when your courses currently in progress have been completed in order for Hibbing Community College to update your transfer credits on your academic record.