Spring Registration 2021

October 25, 2021

Registration for Spring 2022 Semester begins Monday, November 1st.

Registration is open for the following:
November 1st through November 5th: Priority Registration open for students in technical programs, TRIO Student Support Services members, and students receiving accessibility services

November 8th: Registration open to students with 30 or more credits completed

November 9th: Registration open to all returning students

November 30th: Registration open to new incoming HCC students (new students starting at HCC for spring semester)

For questions regarding registration, please contact your HCC Advisor/Counselor.


Lisa Bestul, HCC Counselor: lisabestul@hibbing.edu or to book an appointment with Lisa:

Jen Boben, HCC TRIO SSS Advisor: jenniferboben@hibbing.edu or to book an appointment with Jen:

Christina Brown, HCC TRIO SSS Advisor: christina.brown@hibbing.edu or to book an appointment with Christina: https://christinabrownhcc.appointlet.com/

Michelle Chamernick, HCC TRIO SSS Advisor: michellechamernick@hibbing.edu or to book an appointment with Michelle:

Donna Groettum, HCC Counselor/TRIO Counselor: donnagroettum@hibbing.edu or to book an appointment with Donna:

Mary Iozzo, HCC Advisor/Technical Program: maryiozzo@hibbing.edu or to book an appointment with Mary:

Char Norlander: HCC Advisor/PSEO Advisor: charlene.norlander@hibbing.edu or to book an appointment with Char: https://charnorlanderhcc.appointlet.com/b/char

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