How to Apply and Get Certified for Education Benefits

The responsibility of the Veteran’s Certifying Official is to complete the Enrollment Certification, form 22-1999 for each semester that you are enrolled. This is done electronically through the VA-Once verification system. To expedite the enrollment certification process, you should inform the HCC Veteran’s Certifying Official of your enrollment each semester (keeping in mind it can take 60-90 days to process new certifications so the sooner you inform us of your registration, the sooner the VA will begin to process your funding.) You are responsible to communicate any changes in your enrollment or program to the Certifying Official as soon as the change is made.

Process: The process of certifying and collecting educational benefits are: Complete the application process at Hibbing Community College and are accepted into a degree program.

  1. Apply for your GI Bill benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs at using form 22-1990 (22-5490 for dependents). The online version (VONAPP) is available as well. Submit your DD-214, NOBE if you have one, kicker paperwork if applicable and the Veterans Information Sheet.
  2. You will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (form 22-0557) from Veterans Affairs. Bring a copy of the letter to the Veteran’s Certifying Official.
  3. Register for courses that fit into your declared program.
  4. HCC will submit an electronic enrollment certification, form 22-1999, with the VA.
  5. You must do a self-certification through the WAVE for chapters 1606 and 30 (NOT Ch. 31, 33, 35, 1607) or @ 1-877-823-2378 on the last day of each month of attendance (or later).
  6. Payment of benefits after the initial 30 days of the semester, initiated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The payment is sent directly to you via direct deposit or mail.

You should review the attached information and keep it as a reference. Also, make yourself aware of all of the services that are available to you from the Department of Veterans Affairs at

Veteran’s Certifying Official: 218-262-6735