Graduation Pledge

I pledge to explore, take into account, and improve the social and environmental consequences of my job, lifestyle choices, and food habits.

Things to consider:

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  2. Lower blinds in the summer to keep my space cool and raise blinds in the winter to let in the sun's warmth and use natural light (lowering them at the end of the day to trap the heat at night).
  3. Only use lights as needed, and always turn off lights when leaving a room
  4. Use ENERGY STAR qualified light bulbs in my office or home
  5. Properly recycle toner cartridges, batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs and cell phone
  6. Donate recently outdated or surplus medical equipment and supplies through Medwish
  7. Take advantage of recycling programs
  8. Use recycled paper
  9. Stop my junk mail and junk faxes
  10. Properly recycle toner cartridges, batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs and cell phones
  11. Bring my own reusable bags whenever I shop
  12. Use inter-office instead of regular envelopes whenever possible, and promote the redistribution of inter-office envelopes in your office or department
  13. Reduce my paper use and avoid printing emails as much as possible
  14. Use reusable mugs, water bottles, dishes, and cutlery
  15. Choose local, seasonal produce whenever possible
  16. Choose sustainably produced foods when shopping or choosing a restaurant at least once a week. Fair Trade, Organic, Grass Fed, Humanely Raised, and Food Alliance are just a few certification systems that support sustainable food.
  17. Make sustainable seafood choices by choosing fish and seafood that is sourced from responsibly managed fisheries
  18. Reduce my food waste in the cafeteria
  19. Start a garden at my home
  20. Make green choices (food, waste reduction, etc.) when hosting an event or meeting
  21. Drink tap water instead of bottled
  22. Turn the tap water off when washing my hands, brushing my teeth, etc.
  23. Report leaks or faulty faucets to my building manager
  24. Only wash full loads of laundry and use cold water for laundry whenever possible
  25. Routinely carpool or vanpool at least three times per week
  26. Dine in, walk to a restaurant, or pack a lunch to avoid unnecessary driving during the day
  27. Walk, bike, or take the bus
  28. Make meetings more sustainable by reducing travel and paper use and, where possible, utilize a conference call line or schedule meetings back-to-back
  29. Join a green team at work.