Compost bins are now available in the commons!

Any plant-based foods can be placed in the bins. This includes peels, pits, fruit cores, stems, coffee grounds, coffee filters, and tea bags. Animal products are not accepted in this type of compost (no oils, salad dressing, milk, etc.).

What is the circle of life of your waste at HCC? Here is a picture of what happens:

  1. When your food is being crafted in the Culinary kitchens, plant scraps are brought out directly to exterior compost bins.
  2. We add this compost to the soil out in our HCC Community Garden (plots available in spring!)
  3. Some plots in the garden are used to grow herbs.
  4. Herbs are then given to Culinary to use in your food- thus the nutrient cycle is complete!

A special thank you to Culinary and Maintenance for helping set this up!

If you have questions about composting please ask any sustainability committee member or Sustainability Coordinator Jessalyn Sabin (

Thank you for rot and rolling with us!