Student Life

Student Life offers opportunities for engagement beyond the classroom. Studies show that students that are involved in engaging student activities are more successful.

Mother's Room

Hibbing Community College has a Mother’s Room available for our campus community, currently located in room C151 (across from the dental clinic on the north side of campus). If you have need of this space, please feel welcome to utilize this room. There is a small refrigerator and sofa in this space.

Free Student Transportation

Free Bus Passes for the local City of Hibbing Area Transit system are available at the main Student Services Desk. Students should bring a print-out of their current class schedule and a photo ID to the Student Services Desk when they request their free bus pass.

The city bus arrives at the North Entrance (by the cafeteria) Monday-Friday around 12:15pm, 2:15pm, and 4:15pm.

City Bus pickup can also be requested by calling 218-263-7115.

The city bus will go to the grocery store, Walmart, the hospital, and other scheduled stops.

Student Life Handbook

The HCC Student Life Handbook outlines the following policies, recommendations, and procedures for Clubs and Student Organizations at HCC:

  • Forming and Maintaining a Club
    • Annual Club Requirements
    • How to Run a Meeting
  • Student Life Funding
    • Eligibility
    • Funding Process
    • Utilizing Funding
    • Working with the Business Office
    • Required Form
  • Event Planning
  • Advertising and Digital Communications
  • Using Campus Spaces and Services
  • All Forms, Policies, and Procedures

Student Activities Contact Information

  1. Each student enrolled at HCC pays a Student Life Fee per Credit in which they are enrolled.
    1. Visit the Tuition and Fees page for more information about how much students pay for Student Life
  2. Each year, based on predicted enrollment, HCC Administration estimates the total amount of all Student Life Fees that will be collected
  3. Clubs and Organizations on campus place requests for Student Life Funding each year
  4. A group, comprised of at least 2/3 students, meets annually to evaluate these budget requests and distribute Student Life funds to the Clubs and Organizations on Campus.
  5. If Student Life fees are not spent within a Fiscal Year, they roll into the Student Life Reserve Fund. Clubs do not get to keep unused funding from year to year.
    1. The Student Life Reserve Fund is used to cover the costs of over-expenditures (typically due to an overestimated budget as a result of lower enrollment than anticipated) and, on occasion, the granting of Special Requests for Student Life Funding (again, granted by a committee made up of at least 2/3 students).
  • Some clubs/organizations use Student Life Funds to supplement their own departmental budgets
  • Other clubs/organizations supplement Student Life funds through Fundraising efforts

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU) Policies about Student Life outline the ways in which Student Life Fees can be used and define Student Organizations and Student Activities.

Student Organization: Student groups formally recommended for charter by the campus student association(s) and approved by the college or university president.

Student Life Activities: Programs, events, and other functions contributing to the co-curricular, extracurricular, educational, cultural, well-being of the student body as identified in Minn. State Statute Section 136F.01, Subd. 5.

Minnesota Statute Section 136F.01, Subd. 5. defines "Student activities" as "lectures, concerts, and other functions contributing to the mental, moral, and cultural development of the student body and community in which they live, athletic activities, including intercollegiate contests, forensics, dramatics, and such other activities of any nature as in the opinion of the board contribute to the educational, cultural, or physical well being of the student body."

MNSCU Policies for Student Life:

  • 2.8 Student Life - provides guidance on student life activities, programs, committees, and operations. This policy states that "the revenue generated by the student life/activity fee . . . must be used to fund student activities."
  • System Procedure 2.8.1 Student Life - provides guidance on student life activities, programs, committees, and operations. This policy provides in-depth rules regarding the Student Life Budget Process and use of Student Life Funds.