Intern - Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration

City of Hibbing

City of Hibbing
401 East 21st St
Hibbing, MN

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Hibbing, MN
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- / Hour

Job Description

Intern will learn about governmental accounting.

Must be enrolled in a post-secondary higher education institution at least part-time and that this condition must apply within 120 days of all times during the appointment. Summer break doesn't disqualify participation, as long as the candidate was enrolled in the spring semester and is returning to school for fall semester.

Work for up to 40 hours/week for the duration of the internship within a semester, not to exceed 16 weeks.

If interested in applying, please contact:

Mary Ann Kepler

City Clerk-Treasurer

City of Hibbing

401 E 21st St

Hibbing, MN 55746


Requirements & Qualifications

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