Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services Office supports students with documented disabilities by insuring that they:

  • Have equal access to educational programs and college courses
  • Can obtain materials and publications in alternate formats
  • Can utilize academic support and other services
  • Can fully participate in college sponsored events and activities

Applying for Accommodations

Below are steps students must follow to apply for services:

  1. Fill out the Accessibility Services Application. Additional applications may be obtained outside the Accessibility Services office – M-128 or by contacting Jen Boben, Accessibility Services Coordinator.
  2. Provide updated documentation of disability that has been completed by a medical professional (EX: medical doctor, licensed mental health counselor or licensed physiologist) within the last 3 years. Click here for information on how to securely submit your documentation
  3. Schedule an appointment with Jennifer Boben, Accessibility Services Coordinator to discuss needs and develop a reasonable accommodation plan.

Since every student’s situation is unique, specific accommodations for their accessibility needs is discussed during a confidential intake meeting with the Accessibility Services Coordinator. We will obtain the student’s permission before entering into discussions with parents, advocates, transition coordinators, rehabilitation services counselors, or other professionals.

Students often request these services:

  • Testing accommodations
  • Note-taking services
  • Materials in alternative formats
  • Assistive technology
  • Specific seating

Continuing to Receive Accommodations

Students who are already registered with the Accessibility Services Office must follow the following steps in order to continue to receive accommodations:

  • Check in with the Accessibility Services Office at the beginning of each semester to update their letter of accommodation.

Jennifer Boben
Accessibility Services Coordinator
Office: M-128
(218) 262-7363