Transfer Information

Hibbing Community College offers knowledgeable transfer staff and support for you to transfer in and transfer out of Hibbing Community College. Please contact the transfer specialist in the Student Services area.

How Transfer of Credit Works

The receiving college or university decides what credits transfer and if credits meet degree requirements. The accreditation of both your sending and your receiving institution can affect the transfer of credits you earn. College level credits and courses completed at other colleges, universities or institutions are evaluated for transfer to Hibbing Community College based on official transcripts received from institutions you previously attended.

Not every course that transfers will help a student graduate. One question transfer students should consider is, Will my credits fulfill requirements for my chosen degree or program of study? If students change career goals or program of study, they may not be able to complete all degree requirements within the usual number of graduation credits. Please refer to Hibbing's Transfer of Credit Policies for further information about how courses transfer to Hibbing Community College.

Preparing for Transfer to/from HCC

If you are currently enrolled in a college or university:

  • Discuss your plans with the campus transfer specialist.
  • Call or visit your intended transfer college.

You should obtain the following materials and information:

  • College catalog
  • Transfer brochure
  • Information on admissions criteria and materials required for admission

After you have received these materials, make an appointment to talk with an advisor/counselor in the college or program you want to enter. Be sure to ask about course transfer and admission criteria.

If you are not currently enrolled in a college or university, begin by meeting with a transfer specialist or an admissions officer at your intended transfer college. They can help you plan the steps you need to take for successful transfer.

Applying for Transfer Admission to HCC

A transfer student is any student who, prior to attending Hibbing Community College, completed college level coursework and/or earned a degree at another college, university, vocational school or institution and intends to:

Complete a degree, program of study, or the Minnesota General Education Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

Complete courses for personal enrichment at Hibbing.

Transfer out of Hibbing Community College.

Arrange for reverse transfer, typically during summer term (when students complete a course(s) at Hibbing Community College to transfer back to the institution they are currently attending).

All transfer students are required to:

  1. Complete Hibbing Community College Application for Admission and pay $20 application fee.
  2. Provide official transcripts from other colleges and universities.
  3. Meet assessment testing requirements and/or course prerequisites whether or not you earned a degree at another college or institution.
  4. Follow Hibbing's Transfer Admission process.

Transfer students can review how courses will transfer by using the Transferology website. After the college notifies you of acceptance for admission, your transcribed credits will be evaluated for transfer. A degree audit report (DARS) will tell you which courses transfer and which do not.

If you have questions about your degree audit report, call the Registrar's Office and ask to speak with a credit evaluator. Many questions and concerns can be answered about the transfer of credit. A process is available to appeal any decisions refer to Transfer Course Evaluation Appeal form. For help with transfer questions or problems, please see the Campus Transfer Specialist.

Evaluation and acceptance of credits for transfer from technical colleges

HCC shall accept in transfer, for full credit, college-parallel general education courses offered by technical colleges with regional accreditation to provide transfer-level general education courses leading to an Associate in Applied Science Degree.

HCC shall accept for transfer as electives leading to an Associate in Arts Degree, a maximum of 16 semester credits of college-level vocational or technical courses offered by technical colleges with regional accreditation.

HCC shall accept for transfer vocational technical credits from technical colleges for those courses which are judged to be comparable or equivalent to courses offered at the college. Courses not determined to be current may transfer after departmental review.

Student Rights as a Transfer Student

  • A clear, understandable statement of an institution's transfer policy.
  • A fair credit review and an explanation of why credits were or were not accepted.
  • A copy of the formal appeals process.

Appeal Process

  1. Student fills out an appeals form. Supplemental information needed for review include; a syllabus, course outline, course description, and/or reading list.
  2. Department or committee will review.
  3. Student receives, in writing, the outcome of the appeal.
  4. Student can appeal decision to the Provost.
  5. If the student is not satisfied with HCC's appeal decision, the student may submit a system level appeal.

You may request a review of your eligibility for financial aid or scholarships. For help with your transfer questions or problems, see your Campus Transfer Specialist.