What is Service-Learning?

Service-Learning is a method of experiential learning where learning occurs through action and reflection while meeting real needs within our communities.

Hibbing Community College Service-Learning Mission Statement

Integrating theories of the classroom with community experiences to strengthen citizenship, enhance personal growth, and enrich the community.

Service-Learning is an innovative teaching strategy that combines meaningful community or public service with academic improvement, development of civic responsibility, and personal growth. It provides an opportunity for students to apply academic skills in real-life situations while helping to meet actual community needs through service.

Student Benefits of Service-Learning

  • Alignment of student’s academic and career interests with meaningful service, opportunities for building professional connections, and your service will build your resume with relevant experience.
  • Assists in refining career goals while working alongside professionals in the field, and/or learning new skills in an area of personal interest.
  • Provides opportunities to connect theory to practice and gain a deeper understanding of issues impacting your community.
  • SL gives students a chance to work with a diverse range of people.
  • Challenges students to examine values, attitudes, and beliefs by engaging in new environments and situations.
  • Increases creative problem-solving abilities, collaboration, and leadership skills.
  • 25 hours fulfills the Civic and Ethical Responsibility portion of the MN Transfer Curriculum.

The HCC Service-Learning ExperiencePDEV 1083 55 is a variable credit course meaning students can register for 1, 2 or 3 credits. Students are required to complete 25 hours of direct service per credit, 2-3 meetings with SL instructor (Zoom, phone or in-person meetings available), and approximately 15 hours of journaling and writing which includes: reporting weekly hours and description of work completed, individualized research and reading based on the field of work and site selected, one Mid-term, and one Final paper.

Contact your HCC counselor or the Evelyn Rolloff, Service-Learning Instructor, at for more information.