Off Campus Test Proctoring

Proctoring closed until Further Notice Due to COVID 19

If you are not able to make it to the Hibbing Community College campus to take your test, you must locate a professional, preferably within the college or university system, in your local area that is willing to proctor a test for you. Follow the steps below.

To Secure an Off-Campus Proctor:

Notify your Instructor that you cannot make it to the Hibbing campus and that you will be looking for an off-campus proctor.

Locate an off-campus proctor at least two weeks prior to the test date. To view a proctor contact list for most Minnesota State colleges and universities, click on the following link: MnOnline Test Proctoring

Download and print the following form: "Off-Campus Proctor Authorization Form." Have the off-campus proctor fill out and sign the top portion (Proctor Information). You should fill out the bottom portions (Student & instructor information). Scan the completed form and e-mail it to your Instructor for their approval. Download and print the following document to give to your proctor: Directions for Proctors

Follow-up with your Instructor to be sure he/she has received the form and approved the proctor.

To Schedule a Test with an Off-Campus Proctor:

  • Once your Instructor has approved the off-campus proctor, at least 3 business days in advance of the test date, schedule an appointment to take your test with the proctor. Ask your off-campus proctor how they would prefer you make an appointment (e-mail, phone, fax).
  • Notify your Instructor that an appointment has been scheduled for the test (include the date & time). He/She will send the password or the written test and any special instructions to the off-campus proctor.
  • Read the Student Rules & Proctor Verification Form to be aware of our testing rules and know what is expected of you.
  • Be sure to keep your appointment with the off-campus proctor & bring your photo ID. Any fees associated with testing off-campus are your responsibility.

To Take the Test at an Off-Campus Location:

  • Verify directions to the testing site before your 1st appointment. When you arrive, check in with the off-campus testing proctor & show them your photo ID.
  • The off-campus proctor will bring you to a computer. Go to the HCC home page, click on D2L Brightspace under Quick Links at the top and log into your online course & click on Quizzes. Open the proper test, the proctor will type in the test password for you.
  • You will read and sign the Student Rules & Proctor Verification Form that explains our testing rules.
  • After completion of your test, log out of D2L & give the signed form back to the off-campus proctor. The proctor will fill out the bottom portion of the form that verifies who you are and that you followed all the rules and will return it to your Instructor.