Heating & Cooling Technician

Heating and Cooling Technicial

Credits Required for Graduation: 35

Program Description

Graduates of this program will be prepared as entry-level technicians in the heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. Students will be trained to install and service residential and light commercial equipment in the heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration field.

Heating & Cooling Technician Career Path

Today’s heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment requires highly skilled technicians who not only possess the technical skills needed to repair today’s sophisticated equipment but the “soft skills” to relate to the customer’s needs. This Career field is not as sensitive to economic times because maintenance of existing systems will be needed. Graduates are in high demand due to shortage of qualified technicians nationwide.

Employment Opportunities

The heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration field is expected to grow by 33.7% by the year 2020 while the growth for all other occupations in the United States is only expected to grow by 14.3%. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS) projects that 31.2% of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration service personnel will retire and need to be replaced by 2020. The BLS also projects that by the year 2020 65.6% of service technicians in the heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry will be people that are not in the industry today. What does this mean to those who choose this career path? The answer is JOBS!

Program Plan

Heating and Cooling Technician Program Plan

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