Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide

Credits Required for Graduation: 4

Program Description

Students work directly under the supervision of a registered nurse to become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant and home health aide. The program prepares students for jobs in a variety of settings such as nursing homes, home care agencies, hospitals, group homes, and semi-independent living facilities. The course includes classroom theory and testing as well as instruction on how to assist residents with hygiene, feeding, skin care, bed making, dressing, movement and other general assistance. Clinical experience at a local nursing home is included.

NOTE: This course is a prerequisite to HCC’s Nursing program and most Practical Nursing programs. Students interested in applying to HCC’s Nursing program are encouraged to visit with an admissions representative.

General Information

  • Students are required to wear a uniform on all clinical days. The uniform shall consist of scrub pants and top, either solid color or print tops are acceptable, mostly white shoes and a name tag.
  • Prior clinical experience, evidence of negative Mantoux (a skin test for Tuberculosis) must be provided to the instructor. Check with your instructor on where this test is administered.
  • You will earn four credits for this course. These credits may meet Registered Nursing/Practical Nursing Requirements. Check with an instructor for more information.

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