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Department Description

The Speech Communication Department at Hibbing Community College offers opportunities for students to improve their professional and personal communication skills, build confidence and to earn vital, highly transferrable credits for almost any field of study or technical program. Speech Communication at HCC also prepares students for specific communication careers ranging from journalism, advertising, public relations, business, politics, public service to most any profession related to the creation and transmission of messages and media content.

With faculty experience in journalism, editing, publishing, politics, blogging, radio and professional speaking, students will receive first hand insight on how to get their foot in the door of the very competitive media industry or improve their day-to-day communication skills for a better life.

Transfer and Employment Opportunities

In study after study, employers say that communication skills "both interpersonal and public speaking" are the number one asset in professional advancement and job security. No matter what you plan to do in life, HCC's communication courses will lay the groundwork for success. Our courses make connections across the curriculum, helping any student apply what they learn to their life and career.

Here are just some of opportunities available to HCC students interested in Speech Communication:

Transfer Options:
Widely accepted transferability of all Speech courses. The basic courses for any four-year Communication degree.

Job opportunities:
Journalism, Advertising, Sales, Business, TV/Radio/Internet production, Public service. Skills applicable to every career field.

Conquering fears of public speaking and interacting with others, conflict resolution, relationships, better listening, perception and understanding of others, use of language, nonverbal communication to accomplish goals, speaking to persuade and inform, understanding the media, and recognizing bias.

Course Descriptions

Meet Your Faculty

Aaron Brown
(218) 262-7213
Office: C139

Miriam Kero
(218) 263-2969
Office: C152