Department Description

Psychology is the systematic, scientific investigation of human behavior and mental processes. As such, it is an appropriate course of study for all students, regardless of their ultimate goals and academic pursuits. Psychology is strongly tied to many other scholarly endeavors, such as, medicine, education, criminology, human resources, etc.

Hibbing Community College offers a variety of psychology courses that may be utilized as part of certain programs or merely as "stepping-stone" to obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree elsewhere. Psychology course credits earned at Hibbing Community College are accepted by most colleges and universities in Minnesota and surrounding states.

Transfer and Employment Opportunities

Many psychology students from Hibbing Community College transfer to other four-year institutions to complete their Bachelor's, Master's, or even their Doctoral Degrees. For others, psychology courses enhance careers, such as nursing and law enforcement. Local job opportunities include services to Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs) serving clients with developmental disabilities, dementia disorders, and others. Local agencies (such as the national organization of "Kids Peace"), with a human services orientation, often hire individuals with psychology background.

Course Descriptions

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