Department Description

One of the goals of Hibbing Community College's mathematics courses is to help students gain an understanding of and appreciation for mathematics as an essential tool for understanding not just mathematics itself, but other disciplines and the world. These courses will also aid in developing critical thinking skills which are essential for success in both academic and nonacademic endeavors.

Hibbing Community College offers a variety of mathematics courses including preparatory classes designed for those students who are not quite ready for college-level mathematics, as well as a variety of college level mathematics courses which satisfy two- or four-year degree requirements.

Transfer Opportunities

It is recommended that students who are interested in pursuing a four-year degree in mathematics or mathematics education take the following courses:

Math 2101 Calculus 1
Math 2111 Calculus 2
Math 2121 Calculus 3
Math 2211 Differential Equations with Introductory Linear Algebra

Employment Opportunities

Almost every career calls for a solid background in mathematics. A student who is interested in a career that is particularly mathematics intensive might consider actuarial science, computer science, accounting, finance, engineering, pharmacy, business, or mathematics and/or science education.

Course Descriptions

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Ken Strukel
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Office: D151