Department Description

Hibbing Community College's English courses focus on the student's ability to write papers that are organized, clear, logical, structured, and error free. The Department's program focuses on learning the process of writing paragraphs and expository essays with an emphasis on collaborative learning, peer editing, and individual evaluation; writing technical documents designed for students in professional, technical, and scientific programs; developing writing and discussion skills which involve library research, analysis, argumentation, logical reasoning, synthesis, evaluation, and problem solving; and studying and analyzing a variety of genres in the arts, such as American and English literature, environmental literature, multi-cultural literature, poetry, short story, drama, creative writing, and film analysis.

Transfer Opportunities

All college level English courses at HCC are part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC) and will transfer to all Minnesota State institutions. HCC English courses will also transfer to non-Minnesota State colleges and Universities on a course by course basis. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to explore transfer options.

Employment Opportunities

Current employment opportunities for English majors are- Teaching, Journalism, Technical Report Writing, Editing, Research, Book Reviews, Consulting, and Analysis.

Course Descriptions

Meet Your Faculty

Jon Dallas
(218) 262-7374
Office: D150

Katherine (Katie) McGee
(218) 262-7361
Office: D149