Biology/ Environmental Sciences

Department Description

The Biology Department at Hibbing Community College provides students with the opportunity to study a wide array of learning backgrounds in the physical biological world. These courses present applications in basic biology lecture and laboratory techniques, major topics in ecology, natural systems, organ systems, human physiology and development, and biological organizations. The programs are diversely tailored to general education requirements (courses in human biology and general biology), health sciences and liberal arts studies (microbiology, biology of women, and integrative anatomy and physiology), and medical-related fields (human anatomy).

Transfer and Employment Opportunities

The Biology Department at Hibbing Community College offers students a great variety of transfer and career options. Biology courses can be easily transferred to other colleges and universities and our graduates are well prepared for success. The field of biology is wide open to majors and a variety of careers options are available. Our biology students find careers in medicine, natural resources, scientific research, environmental science, and industry.

Course Descriptions

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Jessalyn Sabin
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Maxwell Minor
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Office: D16