Social Sciences (Anthropology, History, Geography, Political Science)

Department Description

Hibbing Community College's social science division includes courses in geography, political science, anthropology, and history. These classes focus on offering course content as well as developing the skills that promote inquiry in the social sciences. These skills include critical thinking, research, writing, and library and media competence. These classes also emphasize global education, diversity, and an appreciation of cultural differences.

Geography course offerings focus on human geography: the impact of the landscape and environment on humankind and the human interaction with that environment.

Anthropology course offerings similarly focus on understanding human behavior in a global context. Special attention is paid to African, American Indian, and Asian cultures.

Political science classes include basic surveys of American government and state and local government (with special attention paid to Minnesota). HCC also offers an alternative spring break course focusing on service learning.

Hibbing Community College's history courses include surveys of American and European history and specialized courses in Minnesota history, modern Asia, World War II and the Vietnam War, the 1960s and 1970s, and American Indian history.

Students are encouraged to explore topics of particular interest to them in these courses, including opportunities to conduct research in primary sources, to conduct oral history interviews, and to produce media artifacts.

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