Department Description

Hibbing Community College offers classes in both the Humanities and Fine Arts divisions. Instruction is also offered in applied music in the areas of vocal, keyboard (piano and organ), guitar, and band instruments. Our Concert Choir has been a participant in concerts in our area and surrounding areas. They have presented five appearances in Carnegie Hall, New York City, since the year 2000. Two of our Concert Band members have been selected, by audition, to attend and participate in the Carnegie Hall National Wind Ensemble concerts.

In addition to face-to-face classes, the Music Department also offers three online courses, each carrying three credits. These courses are Music Appreciation 1100-55, America's Popular Music 1050-55, and Rock 'n Roll, (a short history), numbered 1110-55. In July, 2008, the America's Popular Music course won the FUSION outstanding Teaching and Learning award for an online course. This was achieved by combining technology with audio formatting.

Transfer and Employment Opportunities

All of the Music Department courses offer transfer opportunities to 4-year institutions. Music Theory is transferable, but, in addition, will include testing by the receiving institution. Our Fundamentals of Music course (basic freshman level theory) is accepted at most statewide institutions. Music Department courses and applied lessons will apply toward Music Major requirements at other institution. Please check with the academic advising department for more transfer information.

While our Music Department courses enrich the lives of our students, they will not directly lead to employment until a student completes a transfer curriculum and graduates from a four year institution. Many of our Music Major students have completed this, majoring in Applied Music or Music Education at their receiving institution. Opportunities, upon graduation, include careers in church music, church organist, studio piano teaching, and music education teaching as specialists in elementary and/or secondary education in both private and public schools.

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