Culinary Arts
2 Year Diploma

Culinary Arts Food Service and Management

Credits Required for Graduation: 60

Program Description

Students in the Food Service and Management program learn to implement the basic food production and management techniques necessary in the Food Service Industry. Included are basic food handling and safety techniques, planning and production, personnel management, cost control methods, and nutritional menu planning.

Employment Opportunities

Students who complete this program will be prepared for employment in the following positions: Kitchen manager, Food production manager, Chef (most locations will require additional work experience), Sous chef, Banquet chef, Institutional production cook/supervisor.

Gainful employment programs are those “that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.” Public institutions are required to report this information for all undergraduate and graduate programs that are Title IV eligible and that lead to certificates, diplomas, graduate certificates or specialist awards. Reporting is not required for undergraduate certificates and diplomas less than 16 credits and graduate certificates and specialist awards that are less than 8 credits. Degree programs at all levels are not considered to be gainful employment programs.

Program Plan