Academic Quality Improvement Plan

The purpose of this website is to keep the campus and general community informed about activities related to our accreditation through AQIP.

What is AQIP?

AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) infuses the principles and benefits of continuous improvement into the culture of colleges by providing an alternative process through which an already accredited institution can maintain its accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. With AQIP, an institution demonstrates it meets accreditation standards and expectations through action projects geared at improving performance.

Meet the AQIP Steering Committee Known as "JUMP" - (JOIN US MAKE PROGRESS COMMITTEE)

Name Position
Aaron Reini Interim Provost
Jessalyn Sabin Interim Dean of Academics
Sandy Gustafson Faculty Member, Nursing
Kristen Zbikowski Faculty Member, Ethics
Tracy Hudelson Academic Affairs Coordinator
Steve Potts Faculty Member, History
Sandy Glad Executive Assistant to Provost
Lisa Bestul Counselor
Miriam Kero Faculty Member, Sociology & Speech

What are Quality Action Projects?

Quality Action Projects are high-priority projects for the continuous quality improvement of each college. Each AQIP college selects its own projects. Each college formally declares its projects to the Higher Learning Commission. AQIP colleges must have three ongoing projects at all times. One project must always address "Helping Students Learn" as its primary goal.