Name / Title Office Phone
Academic Center
D-132 218-262-6745
M-150 218-262-7207
Advanced MN
Christine Aldrich
Nursing Instructor
Gail Anderson
Advanced MN - Operations Manager
G-21 218-262-7267
Lisa Bestul
M-163 218-262-6752
David Bevacqua
Baseball Coach
PE-111 218-262-6716
Jennifer Boben
SSS Director
M-173 218-262-7363
C-115 218-262-6706
Jim Bovee
NEAT Director
D-144 218-262-6788
Teresa Boyer
C-124 218-262-7321
Carmen Bradach
Director of Human Resources
Brent Bradley
Law Enforcement Instructor
B236 218-262-7274
Mary Brandt
Advanced MN Customized Training Representative
G-7 218-262-6785
Terri Brandt
Advisor/Transfer Specialist
M-167 218-262-6775
Kate Brau
Physical Education Health Instructor/Women's Basketball Coach
PE-48 218-262-6750
Don Brearley
System Administrator
C-238 218-262-7309
John Bright
Diesel Mechanics & CDL Instructor
A-121 218-262-7243
Aaron Brown
Speech Instructor
C-139 218-262-7213
Forrest Brownlee
Diesel Mechanic Instructor
A-111 218-262-7248
Business Office
M125 218-262-7205
Carol Cackoski
Computer Lab Assistant
C-222 218-262-7232
Scott Campbell
U-105 218-262-6705
Cardinal Room (Dining Room)
Call to Make Reservations
Jill Carlson
Adult Basic Education
F-13 218-263-2967
Michelle Chamernick
Advisor/SSS Grant Assistant
M-162 218-262-6774
Joanne Cianni
Advanced MN EMS Instructor
G-8 218-312-9104
Elizabeth Clemens
Pharmacy Tech Instructor
D-123 218-262-6724
Computer Service Helpdesk
218 969-8001
Jesse Dahl
Electrical Maintenance Instructor
B121 218-312-9807
Jon Dallas
English Instructor
D-150 218-262-7374
Dental Clinic
C-153 218-263-2916
Steven Dickson
Nursing Instructor
C-204 218-262-7382
Ronda Dilley
Med Coding Instructor
Kari Doucette
Student Records/Registrar
M-148 218-262-6735
Jennifer Evenson
Advanced MN Administrative Support
G 218-362-5905
Pam Finco
Financial Aid
M-160 218-262-7378
Mike Flaten
Athletic Director
PE-148 218-262-6749
Janet Fleck
Nursing Sim Lab Coordinator
C-219 218-262-7282
Colleen Gerzin
Advanced MN - Fire, Industrial Training, Continuing Education
G-27 218-262-7253
Curt Glass
Cisco Instructor
C-229 218-262-7236
Gina Gould
NHED's Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator
C-152 218-262-6704
Wendy Greenwood
M-150 218-262-7207
Donna Groettum
Counselor on Sabbatical
M-172 218-262-6786
Lee Gustafason
U-105 218-262-6705
Sandy Gustafson
Nursing Director/Instructor
C-218 218-262-7240
Tina Hanegmon
Business Office
M-125 218-262-7205
Scott Hansen
NEAT Technician
D-145 218-262-6787
Holly Hanson
Business Office
M-125 218-262-7229
Shelly Hanson
Travis Hanson
Culinary Instructor
C-149 218-263-2919
Benjamin Haugeberg
Chemistry Instructor
D-14 218-312-9801
Angela Heikkila
Electrical Maintenance CLA
B-124 218-263-2914
Larry Hendrickson
Industrial Systems Technology Instructor
B-115 218-263-2921
Margaret Holmes
Art Instructor
F-18 218-263-2926
Tracy Hudelson
C-105 218-262-7238
Kevin Hyduke
Automotive Instructor
A-126 218-262-7357
Carin Hyduke
Customer Service Specialist
M-150 218-262-7247
Mary Iozzo
Director of Disabilities/Advisor
M-166 218-262-6712
Bruce Iverson
Sociology Instructor
F-17 218-262-7372
Carri Jackola
Nursing Instructor
C-208 218-263-2975
Stephanie Jacobson
Nursing Instructor
C-207 218-263-2910
Trent Janezich
Executive Director, Advanced Minnesota
G-8 218-262-6790
Leanne Johnson
Multicultural Studies Instructor
F-20 218-262-6793
Angela Kang
Director of Residential Life
Housing 218-262-7246
Karen Kedrowski
Vice President of Finance and Administration, Northeast Higher Education District
Miriam Kero
Speech Instructor/Diversity Officer
C-148 218-263-2969
Diana Klakoski
Advanced MN EMS Director
G-8 218-262-7289
Mike Knutson
Automotive Lab Assistant
A-128 218-262-7225
Jess Koski
English Instructor
F-15 218-262-7375
Steve Kovacic
Law Enforcement Instructor
B-236 218-262-7271
Torie Kutz
Master Tutor
D-132 218-262-6745
Julie Lange
PE Trainer
PE-40 218-263-2965
Tim Leino
General Repair Worker (6am to 2pm)
U-105 218-969-9019
Dan Lidholm
Culinary Arts Instructor
C-124 218-262-7228
Eric Lund
Advanced MN Safety Health Instructor
G-26 218-263-2972
Jessica Lundquist
SSS Counselor
M-172 218-262-6786
Carol Lyons
Culinary Cashier
C-124 218-262-7228
Chuck Lyons
Business Instructor
F-14 218-262-7373
Maintenance Office
Marge Martin
Medical Lab Technician Instructor
C-135 218-262-7272
Barry Martinson
Veterans Coordinator - NHED
M-134 218-262-6739
Jenna Massingill
Softball Coach
PE109 218-262-6709
Bradley Matuszak
Men's Basketball Coach
PE-109 218-262-6748
Sara Matuszak
Women's Volleyball Coach
PE109 218-262-6748
Jessica Matvey
Recruiter/Marketing Specialist
M-149 218-262-7384
Rick Mayerich
Industrial Systems Technician Instructor
A-132 218-262-7358
Rebecca Mayo
Bookstore Coordinator
C-116 218-262-6706
Russell McConkey
Diesal CLA
Katie McGee
English Instructor-Online Only
Kim McLaughlin
Business Manager of Accounts Receivable/Cashiering
M130 218-263-2973
Sarah Merhar
M-151 218-262-6713
Kevin Milani
Chemistry Instructor - On Sabbatical
D-32 218-262-6721
Richard Milani
Accounting/Economics Instructor
D-147 218-262-7367
Rachel Milani
Library Tech
L-107 218-262-7258
Janet Miller
Nursing Instructor
C-203 218-262-7217
Maxwell Minor
Biology Instructor
D-16 (218) 262-6723
Steve Murphy
Electrical Maintenance Instructor
B-125 218-263-2915
David Olds
Director of Facilities, Student Conduct Officer and Title IX Coordinator
U-105 218-262-6759 / 218-969-3893
Robin Olivanti
Law Enforcement Instructor
B-236 218-262-7256
Aaron Olson-Reiners
Art Instructor
F-19 218-262-7366
Sandy Ongaro
Executive Assistant to the Provost
C-108 218-262-6715
Nancy Paolo
Human Resources
M-120 218-262-7218
Laura Parendo
Medical Lab Technician Instructor
C-136 218-262-7254
Bill Paschke
Building Maintenance Lead (from 6am - 2pm)
U-105 218-969-3019
Carrie Pearson
Faculty Secretary/Switchboard
C-113 218-262-7259
Cynthia Pogorels
Faculty Secretary/Nursing Support Staff - 9 am to 12 pm
C-113 / C-217 - Nursing 218-262-6707 / 218-262-7381- Nursing
Steve Potts
History/Political Science Instructor
F-11 218-262-7371
Colleen Pucely
Nursing Assistant Instructor (CNA)
C-212 218-262-7380
Marla Puhek
Food Service Worker
C-124 218-262-7228
Michael Raich
C-107 218-262-6702
Steve Rannikar
General Maintenance Worker Lead (2 pm to 10 pm)
U-105 218-969-3019
Linda Raskovich
SSS Advisor/Supervisor of Technology
M-171 218-262-7370
Stacey Ray
Psychology Instructor
D-149 218-262-7369
Aaron Reini
Interim Academic Dean
M-140 218-262-7362
Evelyn Rolloff
Upward Bound Director
F-124 218-312-1509
Andrew Rooney
Law Enforcement Coordinator/Instructor
B-236 218-262-7263
Steve Rossini
D2L Administrator
C-232 218-263-2970
Lynda Ruud
Mathematics Instructor
D-148 218-262-7368
Colleen Ryan
Business Office
M-125 218-262-6711
Jessalyn Sabin
Biology Instructor
D-18 218-262-6722
April Sailer
Dental Lab Assistant
C-142 218-263-2984
Gwen Sampson
Advanced MN Secretary
G-22 218-262-7270
Dorothy Sandness
Music Instructor
F-40 218 262-6729
Angela Schweiberger
Physical Education Health Instructor
Ann Sertich
TRIO--EOC Advisor
C-144 (218) 262-7252
Stephanie Skraba
Director of Financial Aid and Enrollment Management
M-165 218-262-6733
Carey Skrbec
Nursing Instructor
C-207 218-263-2910
Doug Smith
IT Networking and Security Instructor
C-228 218-262-6744
Jalayne Smith
Human Resources
M-120 218-262-7249
Jodie Steblay
Nursing Instructor
C-211 218-262-7383
Jolene Stevenson
Dental Assistant Instructor
C-141 218-262-7242
Peter Stoddard
Heating and Cooling Technician Instructor
B-113 218-262-7231
Kevin Stoffel
Arrowhead Law Enforcement Instructor
B-236 218-262-7281
Kenneth Strukel
Computer Science Instructor
D-151 218-262-7365
Jason Surface
CDL Instructor
A-132 218-263-2997
Janet Swanson
Culinary Lab Assistant
Randy Sweet
Nursing Instructor
C-205 218-262-6743
Scott Taylor
U-105 218-262-6705
Rose Toldo
Advanced MN Continuing Ed/Customized Training
G-24 218-262-7204
Dawn Torrel
Dental Assistant Instructor
C-143 218-262-7233
Wayne Trenholm
Automotive Instructor
A-129 218-262-7225
Ann Vucetich
Upward Bound Academic Advisor
F-126 218-312-9103
Joshua Weaver
Tech Support/D2L Administrator
C-232 218-263-2970
Heidi Werdier
Planetarium 218-262-6720
Melissa Wetzel
English Instructor
D-143 218-262-7208
Rhonda Wiiliainen
Upward Bound Academic Advisor
F-126 218-312-9802
Kristen Zbikowski
Philosophy Instructor
D-120 218-262-7350
Robert Zbikowski
Engineering/Physics Instructor
D-118 218-262-6725