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Dining Services

Culinary Arts Cafeteria

It's 8.59 a.m., the coffee's steaming, Carol's putting out the fruit, the table is loaded with cookies, doughnuts, caramel rolls, muffins and fruit turnovers. In just a minute the door will open and hungry students will be in looking for breakfast. So what's the big deal? Nothing--at least not in the day of a Culinary Arts Student at HCC. They accomplish all this in the first hour of their day each and every day. Time to kick back? I don't think so. In less than two hours they will be putting the finishing touches to lunch for up to 300 people. Oh, did I mention they only started in the Culinary Arts Program a month ago? What will you accomplish next month?

Culinary Arts Dining Room

HCC's Fine Dining Room, open, offers a more formal environment with breakfast and lunch selections prepared by the Culinary Arts Department's second-year students.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are also conveniently located across campus that carry a variety of refreshments and snacks.