International Student Checklist

Application Process for International Student

An international student is a non-U.S. citizen or non-U.S. immigrant, who has been granted F-1 visa status from the U.S. Department of State (DOS) through a U.S. Consulate based upon the I-20 document (certificate of eligibility for an F-1 visa) issued by Hibbing Community College to pursue full-time study at the College.

Permanent residents, refugees and political asylees are not international students and should follow the general admissions process.


New International Student from outside the U.S.
Fall Semester: June 1st
Spring Semester: October 1st

Transfer international students from within the U.S.
Fall Semester: July 1st
Spring Semester: November 1st

Steps to Becoming an International Student at Hibbing Community College:

1. Submit Application:

You can apply online or complete and mail or email the paper version of the Application for Admission. The application process requires a $20 non-refundable application fee. You can pay the application fee online when you have submitted your application online here or mail with application.

2. Submit Transcripts:

Send us original transcripts or officially certified copies of original transcripts from all institutions previously attended, including all secondary, high schools, colleges, universities, or technical polytechnic schools you have attended or are currently attending. If the language of the records is not English, a certified translation must be included with the official transcript.

3. Proof of English Proficiency:

English proficiency is required and documentation of your proficiency is necessary in order for you to be accepted. Proficiency in the English language cannot be over-emphasized, as your ability to follow class instructions and your stay in this country are largely dependent on it. Acceptable forms of English proficiency include:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) – a score of 500 or more (paper-pencil) or a score of 173 or more (computer), or a score of 61 or more (internet based). To send your official score report from ETS: Hibbing Community College DI Code is 6275.
  • Proficiency through the completion of an ESL program from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • A resident of an English-speaking country or otherwise proficient in the use of the English language.

4. Provide Financial Information:

You will be required to submit a detailed Financial Certificate along with a “Line of Credit” statement from your bank showing you have access to a minimum of $18,000 in American funds available. You should not rely on financial aid from the college or employment in the United States as a source of income. For a vast majority of international students, neither financial aid nor employment permission is available as they are difficult to obtain. You will need to supply the college with a financial statement showing the total amount of required funds for the academic year before Hibbing Community College will issue you an I-20 Form needed for admission into the United States. I-20 Forms cannot be issued until all admission requirements are met and it is determined that an applicant can be accepted into a degree-seeking program.

To find out more about the costs in enrolling at Hibbing go to Tuition Costs.

Estimated Expenses for a Full Academic Year:
Tuition, based on 15 credits (go to Tuition Costs)

5. Proof of Health Insurance:

Proof of health insurance and means to be evacuated: All international students and visiting scholars engaged in educational activities are required to purchase the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities international student accident and illness insurance plan (approximate cost of $1,162 per year) unless they can provide written verification that their government or sponsoring agency accepts full responsibility for any medical claims that might occur. Go to to “Find My School’s Plan”, search for Hibbing Community College and select the “International Student Enrollment Form” to sign up for insurance.

International Students Transferring from a U.S. Institution:

International students who are currently studying in the U.S. and maintained their F-1 status can easily transfer. Upon admission to Hibbing, please present your admission letter to your current U.S. school, requesting that your SEVIS I-20 be electronically transferred out to Hibbing Community College. Usually, this would occur immediately at the conclusion of your studies at your current school. Your I-20 would then be transferred in by Hibbing.

Visa and Travel:

The I-20 is issued after the conditions of admission and financial stability have been met. The Form I-20 must be presented together with evidence of payment of the SEVIS Fee, your passport and original records of financial support to the nearest American Consulate. It may be to your advantage to request a multiple entry visa which will allow more flexibility should you desire to visit other countries during your stay in the U.S. Students who will be transferring from another U.S. institution should consult with their present international student advisor as to the required transfer procedures. Please note that Canadian citizens are not required to apply for a visa. Canadians may present their documents at the port of entry. This includes your I-20, evidence of payment of the SEVIS fee, passport and original records of financial support at the port of entry.

Enrollment Requirements:

Once admitted, you will be sent your I-20. Then you will be required to do the following:

  • Pay SEVIS fee
  • Apply for your student visa
  • Let us know when you plan to arrive in the US
  • Return student housing contract form if you plan to live on campus
  • Return the immunization record form

Upon arrival you are required to:

  • Complete the placement test and register for classes

Application materials should be mailed to:
International Admissions
Hibbing Community College
1515 East 25th Street
Hibbing, MN 55746 or
emailed to