The Art of Photography

Art (ART)
Course outline



" The Art of Photography is divided into two phases: phase one is devoted to the history and evolution of the photograph and emphasis is placed on the early masters. Students will analyze and critique photographic art through specific design concepts and a structure-based aesthetic process. Critical analysis of photographic images will develop an intellectual base to respond to and create significant photographic images. Phase two introduces the tools, mechanics, and techniques required to produce and edit digital photographs. Focus will be placed on the digital camera and computer photo editing. Technical procedures will be presented in a ""hands on and how to"" style that will ensure successful compositions and images. We will not take pictures; we will make them. Students will produce a final photographic image that will be exhibited in our Student Gallery. MNTC goal areas: (6)Humanities & Fine Arts, Area B and (7)Human Diversity. Prerequisites: None. Credits: 3(Lecture 1/Lab 2)"