Calculus 1

Mathematics (MATH)
Course outline



" Calculus 1 covers rates of change, limits, vertical asymptotes, continuity, tangents, basic derivatives, differentiation rules, the derivative as a rate of change, derivatives of trigonometric functions, the chain rule, parametric equations, implicit differentiation, related rates, linearization and differentials, extreme values, the Mean Value Theorem, monotonic functions and the First Derivative Test, concavity and curve sketching, optimization problems, indeterminate forms, L'Hopital's Rule, Newton's method, antiderivatives, finite sums, sigma notation, limits of finite sums, the definite integral, the fundamental theorem of calculus, indefinite integrals, the substitution rule, area between curves, and applications of integrals. MNTC goal area: (4)Math & Logical Reasoning. Credits 5(lecture 5/lab 0). MATH1040: College Algebra with a grade of ""C"" or better AND MATH1300: Trigonometry with a grade of ""C"" or better; or MATH1501: Pre-Calculus with a grade of ""C"" or better, or Placement Test."