Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistant

AAS Degree

Credits Required for Graduation: 60

Program Description

Our Medical Administrative Assistant program prepares students for an entry level career as a medical administrative assistant in a variety of health care settings including private medical practices, hospitals, clinics, public health departments, government agencies or insurance firms. Special emphasis is placed on current computer applications such as word processing, data processing, spreadsheets and desktop publishing using a personal computer ( we do not support or use Apple products).

Employment Opportunities

Medical Administrative Assistants are critical to the day-to-day work in doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals. As a medical administrative assistant, you are the first point of contact between patient and office, and as such, set the tone for the patient’s experience. In addition to guiding patients, you also work behind the scenes to coordinate referrals, lab test reviews, chart updates, insurance reimbursements and other functions that keep a medical office running smoothly. In smaller practices medical administrative assistants must inevitably fill a wide variety of roles.

Program Plan